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Business Region Kristiansand invites trade and industry, academies and public sector activities to collaborate on joint projects for business development and growth in the Kristiansand region.

The aim is to further develop skilled, innovative, attractive and international trade and industry and contribute to a clearer, stronger and more visible position for commercial work. There are clear ambitions to work on a pro-active and overall business focus, and promote the region as a skilled, growth region.  On the whole it is an initiative and tool in order to be able to work better together as a region, in business development. We want to be a catalyst for being able to generate greater potential together than we can manage to deliver individually.

Everyone does not have to be involved in everything, but we will lay the groundwork for individuals to be involved with what is important to them. 

Business Region Kristiansand collaborates with the partners in joint projects and in addition carries out the municipality’s internal commercial work (case handling, analysis etc.).