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Business Region Kristiansand
Rådhusgata 12
4611 Kristiansand

/ The New Space Race

A night of exploring space and its possibilities for entrepreneurs, space travelers and the rest of us. 

Ole Dokka - Spaceport Norway
Kristoffer Liland - From the seas to the stars - Founder of Ripple Aerospace
Shahrzad Hosseini - To the moon and beyond - Representing ESA and ISAE Supaero
Øystein Borgersen - Designing Oceanic Spacecraft - Lead Designer Ripple Aerospace
Per Veraas - High Altitude Ballooning, Poor Mans Space Programme - STEM Teacher, Kvinesdal

Join us 03.april @ Makerspace Norway Kristiansand (Vestre Strandgate 19) - FREE entrance

In collaboration with Makerspace Norway and Ripple Aerospace.