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/ The university city Grimstad

Grimstad has around 20,000 inhabitants, and with 3500 students attached to UiA’s campus in Grimstad; there is little doubt that the students have an important place in the town! The campus at Grimstad is new and modern. It is characterised by students, employees and working life all being close together. The town has long traditions and is characterised by its charming white south coast houses, narrow streets and alleys. The archipelago has impressive islands and islets where you can go ashore and enjoy fine days.

It is just above a kilometre between the campus and the town of Grimstad. Grimstad is known for many things such as being a cycling city (Dag Otto Lauritzen and Thor Hushovd), and a town of literature (Ibsen and Hamsun). It is also known as a technology town and has “Teknologiparken (the technology park)” affiliated with the campus where, among others, Ericsson has developed pioneering technology and solutions for many years that the whole world utilises. With the new Mechatronic Innovation Lab Grimstad has acquired an even more important component which further strengthens Grimstad’s status as a technology town. 

At the university’s campus at Grimstad, the students are divided into six faculties and the Avdeling for lærerutdanning (department of teacher education). The majority of the students at Grimstad study within the specialist fields of technology and health studies. It is a short distance from the lecture theatres to the student accommodation, student day-care centre and the students’ arts centre Bluebox. Bluebox is a pub, cafe and concert venue. Approximately 100 volunteers run the venue and make it a place where everybody feels at home. In addition to Bluebox, many food and drink establishments ensure a lively nightlife on the streets of the city! 

In the vicinity of the campus you can find several other exciting and pleasant offerings. There is a wide variety of food and drink.  There is a wide range of different eateries and local produce is on sale if you want to cook yourself. At Groos there are excellent opportunities to kill time on sunny days by sunbathing on a fantastic beach, playing volleyball or football, visiting a summer restaurant etc. Similarly, outside of the town centre is Dømmesmoen, a beautiful park with trees, bushes and flowers.   Dømmesmoen is old cultivated land with burial mounds and stone circles, and not least has several impressive walking paths that are well signposted.