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/ Supplier to Kristiansand municipality

All our procurements occur after competition. The greater the value of the purchase, the stricter the rules are for the completion of the purchase. The Norwegian Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi) sums this up here. For Part I competitions a minimum of three suppliers are invited to deliver a tender. Part II and III competitions are published in Doffin which is the Norwegian national notification database for public procurement, and is thus open to all. Difi has gathered together some good advice about being a supplier which you can see in the film at the bottom of the page. 

What can the municipality demand from you as a supplier?
Depending on what need the municipality has, we can:  

Where do you find information about Kristiansand municipality’s competitions?
The procuring entity arranges supplier meetings in the Rådhuskvartalet in December each year. Here, you are informed about, among other things, future competitions.
Kristiansand municipality’s competitions are published in Doffin. It is possible to be notified about new competitions.
All tenders must be delivered electronically and all communication must occur through the tool Mercell.
Be sure to have a user ready on behalf of your company before the submission of the tender.

Do you have a product or solution that you think the municipality needs?
In a world undergoing rapid development, it is not always the municipality that knows the best solutions to their different needs. Therefore, we would like to hear from you if you have goods or services that you think will simplify and/or improve the municipality’s services.

Contact Business Region Kristiansand, c/o Geir Haugum: or +47 971 71 885 for a more detailed assessment.