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The housing market in the Kristiansand region is characterised by predictability and a moderate increase in prices. There is a good balance between supply and demand in the market. An important reason for this is that the building of new houses has kept pace with the population growth in the region for several years. These factors all contribute to a stable housing market.

It is only in Kristiansand that one has many options when it comes to buying a house. You can have a house near a forest or the sea that is a short distance to the centre of town at a reasonable price. In the Kristiansand region one also sees increasing centralisation, like other places in the country and Europe. Detached houses are, however, still popular, and in Agder about 75% of the residents live in detached houses. The price level generally in the Kristiansand region is somewhat lower than in urban regions such as Stavanger, Bergen and Trondheim.

The city’s estate agents believe that there will be a continued moderate rise in prices and good stability in the future.