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Alongside Agder’s business community, we work to ensure that the newly hired international employee and their family get a safe and effective transition to their new life in Norway. 

Relocation Agder can assist with:

  • Pre-visit meeting 
  • Immigration and registration
  • Search for first home
  • Advice on job searching for spouse
  • Kindergarten
  • Secrets of Agder: Social events 6 times a year

If your company is in need for relocation services, please contact Birthe Helland Olsen. Phone number: (+47) 930 89 188. We are looking forward to assisting you. 

Privacy protection

The project partners and their employees are free to fill out necessary information in the links below to order relocation services. Once submitting the information, you also agree that Business Region Kristiansand may use the information in the work related to its services. Sensitive information will not be disclosed to anyone other than immigration services. As a user of our services, you are entitled to access, rectification or deletion of personal data, limitation of processing, protesting against data processing or data portability. Read more about your rights here. You may complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, if you are not satisfied with how we process your personal data or you think the processing violates the rules of privacy. Read more about the Data Protection Officer in the municipality of Kristiansand here. When all services have been performed and the information has been stored for as long as Norwegian law requires, the information will be deleted.

To order our services, please use one of the bottons below:

Practical information

We have collected some practical information that you might find it useful when relocating to a new city

Practical information from public authorities
Public services in Norway
Work permit in Norway

Import of goods to Norway
Bank and Insurance
Paying taxes in Norway

In case of an emergency in Norway, please call the following services:
Ambulance: 113
Police: 112
Fire department: 110

For non-emergency assistance from the police call 02800. Until you receive a social security number, please contact the hospital emergency room for all medical emergencies at 116 117. 

All residents registered in the National Registry as living in Norway have the right to a General Practitioner/family doctor (GP).
Once you receive a social security number, you may register at a doctors office.
To manage your registration with a GP, call user service at +47 23 32 70 00.

Live and work

You can easily search for homes to rent at, Norway’s biggest online marketplace. Here you can also purchase new or used items such as vehicles (cars, bicycles, boats etc.), technological equipment, clothing, and furniture. Unfortunately, the website is in Norwegian, but by using Google Chrome, you can translate it to English.
The majority of job vacancies in Norway are listed online. This website will give you some tips for foreign job seekers.

To get socialized

Business Region Kristiansand took the initiative to create a meeting point for international workers and newly arrived Norwegians. In collaboration with the University of Agder (UiA) and the Chamber of Commerce in Kristiansand, we host a gathering the first Monday of the month in the period October – May every year (not including January). Read more here. 

Travel in the region

It is easy to travel by bus in our region. AKT, Agder Kollektivtrafikk, is the local bus company. Download the app called AKT Billett (billett means ticket) to buying your ticket. To plan your travel route, download the app called AKT Reise or use the bus icon on Google Maps.

If you are in the need of a car rental you can book here or send an e-mail to Kenneth Abrahamsen ( Rental cars are easy to pick up at the airport in Kristiansand.

Renting or leasing cars for a longer period without a social security number or any financial history in Norway, can be tricky. A local car dealer, Gumpen (9 different car brands), offers an agreement based on a written confirmation from your employer. The car dealing company Gumpen contact Kenneth Abrahamsen: Phone number (+47) 456 64 566. Gumpen can also deliver your car to the airport at arrival in Kristiansand. Please note: Your insurance company in your home country keeps a document that shows your possible prior injury history in the traffic. We recommend you bring this document to Norway. Some car dealers or insurance companies will ask for it before giving you a price.

Remember to check the validity of you driving license in Norway.

Child benefits in Norway

When your social security number is received, you may apply for child benefits in Norway. Please check the information below:
You may be entitled to child benefit if you have a child under the age of 18 in your care, who is living with you in Norway. Single parents are also entitled to extended child benefit and infant supplement.

How to apply for child benefit:
You must apply for child benefit using the application form for ordinary child benefit - NAV 33-00.07.
When you have chosen the correct form, you will see what documentation and attachments you need to submit with your application.

When cancelling your child benefits you have two options:

  1. Call NAV and terminate the child benefits, phone number is +47 55 55 33 33
  2. Provide us with a valid power of attorney and we can cancel it in writing, this will have a much longer process time.

Need of a nursery or primary school?

The municipalities handle applications to all municipal, private and state nurseries in Norway.  The application deadline for admission in August is of March each year. Rolling admission applications can be sent all year round and will be considered when there is space available. Please see contact information in every city below.

The international schools (Kristiansand and Arendal) provides high-quality international education for students from the ages of six to sixteen with a residential address in Norway. Please see contact information in every city below.

Please see different local information under each city.