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Kristiansand was founded 5th. of July 1641 by the king called Christian IV. Today it is the fifth largest city in Norway. From 1st. of January 2020 the population is estimated to be 115.000 inhabitants when Søgne and Songdalen will also be a part of the same municipality. Kristiansand is the capital of Agder county, the region most south in Norway.

In Kristiansand you will find Kristiansand International Airport Kjevik which has direct flights to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Copenhagen in Denmark and London in England. During the summer you can also travel by direct flight to Gdansk. All year around you may travel by the ferry to Denmark from our harbor down town. 

Norway’s seventh university, The University of Agder, is situated in Kristiansand and has around 13.000 students and 1.300 employees. You will also find Norway’s largest zoo in Kristiansand with 1 million visitors per year. 

Interactive map of the city: Here you'll find an interactive map of Kristiansand. Unfortunately, all choises are written in Norwegian only, but please use Goggle Translate to pick relevant options.

Social meetings
In need for a spouse network or to meet other international family’s in Kristiansand? Please contact Marcela Azevedo 
Secrets of Kristiansand is a monthly event for new international workers in the region. Check out all the updates on Facebook, “Secrets of Kristiansand”.

Need for a kindergarten?
Please send e-mail to Mariann Stephansen
Unlike many other international schools, the International School in Kristiansand is completely free of charge: 

Norwegian classes for adults: 

Public offices 

The police station
Kristiansand politistasjon, Tollbodgata 45, 4614 Kristiansand
Monday - Friday  08:30am (08:30) to 3pm (15:00)

Skatteetaten (the tax office)
Skatt Sør, Kjøita 42, 4630 Kristiansand
Monday - Friday  9am (9:00) to 3pm (15:00)

NAV (The Norwegian labour and welfare administration)
NAV Kristiansand, Gyldenløves gate 23, 4611 Kristiansand S
Monday - Friday 10am (10:00) to 2pm (14:00)

Emergency Room/Kristiansand legevakt
Egsveien 102
4615 Kristiansand
Phone: 116 117

Other relevant information

If you need to store your furniture, please check ask for an offer: