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Welcome to Kristiansand - With its 110.000 inhabitants (2020), Kristiansand is the largest city in the southernmost part of Norway and the capital of the county Agder. The area is called “Sørlandet” in Norwegian. Often referred to as “Norway’s number one summer destination”.

Shipping companies flourished in the 19th century. Today the area has a strong environment within the drilling technology and supply industry for the petroleum. Together with the engineering industry the tourist industry is important for the area.

The city was founded in 1641 by the king called Christian IV. The oldest district and main part of today’s city centre of Kristiansand is called “Kvadraturen” (the Quadrature), because of how the street lines are build with seven streets parallel to the Otra River, and ten streets perpendicular to these.

University of Agder is situated in Kristiansand with 13.000 students and 1.300 employees. The university have a campus in Grimstad as well.

Planning your move

Searching for your new home

The best place to look for your new home is through You may change the filters to extend your area of search, type of home, range of monthly rent, pet acceptance and so on. Unfortunately, the page is in Norwegian, but a tip is to paste the link into Google Translate from Norwegian to English, the text on the English link will make more sense to you.

Need for a Nursery or primary school?

Nurseries in Kristiansand are both private and municipal-owned. All children will be assigned a place at a nursery after submission of an application. However, sometimes you will have to wait for a short period of time, and you might also be assigned a place in another nursery.

If you are in a need for a nursery, you can read more about it, and apply here.
If you have moved to our region recently and are not able to apply for a nursery/kindergarten within the main admission date, 1st of March, please send e-mail to Mariann Stephansen

Children in Norway start school in the autumn of the year they turn 6. Your child will automatically be registered at the local school, but you can choose to apply to another municipality school or one of the private schools in Kristiansand.

Kristiansand International School is teaching the subjects in English. Unlike many other international schools in Norway, the Kristiansand International School is completely free of charge:

Norwegian classes for adults:
Kristiansand has both daytime lessons and evening lessons in Norwegian. You'll find more information by exploring the following;
Kongsgård Skolesenter

Settling in

Public offices

Police station
Kristiansand Politistasjon, Tollbodgata 45, 4614 Kristiansand
Monday - Friday 08:30am (08:30) to 3pm (15:00)

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Skatteetaten Kristiansand  (Office for Taxes, Duties, National Population Register)
Skatt Sør, Kjøita 42, 4630 Kristiansand
Monday - Friday 9am (9:00) to 3pm (15:00)

NAV  (The Norwegian labour and welfare administration)
NAV Kristiansand, Gyldenløves gate 23, 4611 Kristiansand S
Monday - Friday 10am (10:00) to 2pm (14:00)

Emergency Room Kristiansand /Kristiansand legevakt
Egsveien 102
4615 Kristiansand
Phone: 116 117

In short:

Kristiansand emergency room is open 24 hours a day to treat acute illness and injury. Until you receive your social security number or General Practitioner/Family Doctor, the emergency room is where you will have to contact for medical appointments. Premises on both Eg and Tangvall.
Always call 116 117 in advance. For urgent critical illness call emergency medical phone 113.

Foto: OIe Martin Buene

Foto: OIe Martin Buene

Live and explore

A recommended starting point to explore Kristiansand is through VisitNorway and VisitSorlandet - official and updated web pages in English.

Some highlights for families to experience is our wonderful natural Zoo, Amusement park and Waterpark at  Kristiansand Dyrepark

The most typical and common outdoor activities among Norwegians are trekking or hiking in the nature or Sunday walks in their local area.  In the winter season, cross country skiing is a must.
To plan your journey, summer or winter, you may explore the web site or app from  (The Norwegian Trekking Association), choose English, German or French language. DNT have 550 cabins all over Norway, a network of 22.000 km of marked foot trails and about 7.000 km of ski tracks.
The local DNT web page is unfortunately in Norwegian only, but you may visit their store to get local help and advice. Its here; Gyldenløvesgate 2 B in Kristiansand city center.

Interactive city map

Interactive map of the city: Here you'll find an interactive map of Kristiansand. Unfortunately, all choices are written in Norwegian only, but please use Goggle Translate to pick relevant options.

Transport and communication

In Kristiansand you will find Kristiansand International Airport Kjevik, which has direct flights to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London Southend, Malaga, Split.
Transport to and from Kristiansand Airport, see Avinor

From the Port of Kristiansand ferry terminal, downtown, you may travel by the ferry to Denmark. The ferry is operated by Color Line and Fjord Line with several daily departures.
The Port of Kristiansand is a popular Cruice destination.

For local bus service, check out Here you can plan your journey and buy tickets.

To catch a taxi you need to call either Agdertaxi at number 07000 or Taxi Sør at number 380 28 000.

Social meetings
In need for a spouse network or to meet other international family’s in Kristiansand? Please contact Marcela Azevedo.
Secrets of Kristiansand is a monthly event for new international workers in the region. Check out all the updates on Facebook, “Secrets of Kristiansand”.


If you need to store your furniture, here are a couple of places to ask for an offer:

Collection schedule for waste in Kristiansand

Most household have four bins for waste and recycling at home. Residual waste, Bio waste, Glass/metal packaging, and a Paper/carton/cardboard bin, with a plastic bag to attach to this bin, for plastic packaging. You may find this Recycling guide in English useful

The bins will be collected according to a schedule defined by your home address. To find your schedule, write your address with the street name in the first textbox and the number of your house in the second textbox here. This will give you an overview of what dates the different bins will be emptied. Unfortunately, this page is in Norwegian, but you may also call customer service at +47 381 77 070 or e-mail, and they will help you.