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Welcome to Southern Norway and Grimstad! The town of Grimstad was established as a municipality on 1st. of January 1838. The municipality is centered around the little maritime down town center, which is surrounded by many small and beautiful islands and the population is estimated to be 22.000 inhabitants.

Grimstad is the largest agricultural municipality in Southern Norway. The municipality also hosts several shipping and offshore related companies, an active coastal fishing fleet and several international high technology firm, including IT and telecoms businesses.

The University of Agder is a university with around 13,000 students and 1,300 employees. It was granted university status on 1st of September 2007, as Norway's seventh university. Grimstad is proud to be an attractive host for one of the university’s two campuses.

Planning your move

Searching for your new home

The best place to look for your new home is through
You may change the filters to extend your area of search, type of home, range of monthly rent, pet acceptance and so on. Unfortunately, the page is in Norwegian, but a tip is to paste the link into Google Translate from Norwegian to English, the text on the English link will make more sense to you.

Need for a nursery or school?

Nurseries in Grimstad are both private and municipal-owned. All children will be assigned a place at a nursery after submission of an application. However, sometimes you will have to wait for a short period of time.

If you are in need for a nursery, there is some information in English for you at Grimstad municipal official site, as well as a link to online application here.
The main closing date for applications is 1st March each year. But if you have recently moved to Grimstad, we recommend you to contact nurseries nearby your home or work.
You will find a digital map with a short description and link to a homepage of all the nurseries in Grimstad here. Klick on the green marker to get to the information about each of them.

Children in Norway start school in the autumn of the year they turn 6. Your child will automatically be registered at the local school when you have your address registered at Folkeregisteret, but you can choose to apply to another municipality school.

Norwegian classes for adults
The municipality of Grimstad is offering both daytime and evening lessons in Norwegian (level A1-B2). Advanced learners are tested and placed in groups based on their Norwegian language level.
You can contact the school at:
Phone: +47 908 17 046
Hege Cathrine Jørgensen

Foto: Peder Austrud

Foto: Peder Austrud

Settling in

Public Offices

There are some public offices that are good to know about when settling in

The police station
Grimstad Politistasjon, Agder Police District
Arendalsveien 25, 4891 Grimstad
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Skatteetaten (the tax administration office)
Skatteetaten i Grimstad.
Jon Lilletuns vei 1, 4879 Grimstad
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NAV (The Norwegian labour and welfare administration)
NAV Grimstad 
Skolegaten 2, 4876 Grimstad
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Live and explore

Grimstad may be described by many names – “The City of Poets, The Bicycle City, The University City, The Maritime City and The Technology City”. These names indicate that Grimstad has a lot to offer its population. There is a beautiful 25 kilometres coastline surrounding the city, with a number of islands and islets with sheltered beaches. There are also good opportunities for hiking, biking and skiing, and other activities for all ages.

A recommended starting point to explore Grimstad is through Visitsorlandet and VisitNorway official and updated web pages in English.

Tourist information

Grimstad tourist information may give you some suggestions and advice on attractions and places worth exploring. They are located by the harbour at Jernbanebrygga 1, 4876 Grimstad. Phone: +47 372 50 168, e-mail:

Activity calendar for Grimstad
A place where you might get some ideas on events for the kids or yourself, is through the “What’s-on-calendar” of upcoming activities in Grimstad and surrounding areas.

Other relevant information when living in Grimstad

Collection schedule for garbage in Grimstad

Most household have four bins for waste and recycling. The bins will be collected according to a schedule defined by your home address. To find your schedule, write your address in the textbox here and you will get an overview of what dates the different bins will be emptied. Unfortunately, this page will return with information in Norwegian. You may find this Recycling guide in English useful.