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The town of Arendal was established as a municipality on 1st. of January 1838. Shipping, shipbuilding and timber trade as well as mining and ironworks were important branches of industry in the Arendal region for many centuries. Today, the town has small boat manufacturing, mechanical industry, electronics industry, as well as one of the world's largest silicon carbide refining plants.

The population of Arendal is estimated to be 45.000 inhabitants per 2019. The municipality of Arendal is the second largest in the Agder region. Arendal is also known to be the city of inspiration for the Disney animation films “Frozen”. “Arendelle” is the central location of the film series “Frozen” and the birthplace of the characters “Anna” and “Elsa”. Hidden in the film are some very clever and well researched parts of Norwegian history and archaeology. 

Planning your move

Searching for your new home

The best place to look for your new home is through
 You may change the filters to extend your area of search, type of home, range of monthly rent, pet acceptance and so on. Unfortunately, the page is in Norwegian, but a tip is to paste the link into Google Translate from Norwegian to English, the text on the English link will make more sense to you.

Need for a nursery or school?

Nurseries in Arendal are both private and municipal-owned. All children will be assigned a place at a nursery after submission of an application. However, sometimes you will have to wait for a short period of time, and you might also be assigned a place in another nursery.

If you are in a need for a nursery, you can read more about it, and apply here.

Children in Norway start school in the autumn of the year they turn 6. Your child will automatically be registered at the local school, but you can choose to apply to another municipality school or one of the private schools in Arendal. One of the private schools are teaching the subjects in English, Arendal International School

Arendal also has Norowegian classes for adults, both daytime lessons and evening lessons. 

Settling in

There are some public offices that are good to know about when settling in:

The police station
Arendal og Froland politistasjon, Åsbieveien 39, 4848 Arendal
Monday - Friday 09.00-14:30 (Thursday 16.30)

Skatteetaten (the tax office)
Sam Eydes plass 2, 4836 ARENDAL
Telephone: 370 13 000

NAV (The Norwegian labour and welfare administration)
NAV Arendal, Nedre Tyholms vei 13, 4836 Arendal
Monday - Friday 12am (12:00) to 2pm (15:00)

Live and explore

Arendal is a well-known host of the music festival called Canal Street, which is known for the use of locations where distinctive features and experiences are going hand in hand. Arendal is also the host of the political 5 days-event called Arendalsuka where the city is filled with an interesting and educational variety o exhibitions and event.

A recommended starting point to explore Arendal is through VisitNorway official and updated web pages in English. You will get information on history, things to see and activities to do, for adults and kids.

Activity calendar for Arendal
A place where you might get some ideas on leisure activities both for the kids or yourself, is through Friskus calendar of upcoming activities in Arendal. 

Arendal has a swimming club called Arendal Svømme og Livredningsklubb offering training groups for different levels of swimmers.

Examples are:
PARTI B / A (10 years - 16 years):
This is the party for young students between 10-16 years who master the basic swimming skills. Here we train a lot on technique, strength and endurance.

The members of this party have different swimming backgrounds. Some have been active competition swimmers, while others train to improve swimming skills.
Socializing is an important ingredient in this party.

Aquarama is a waterpark, situated in the city center of Kristiansand outside Arendal.
Annual card Weekend gives entrance to AQ Bad or Spa all Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year. And with a personalized bracelet, you walk right past the queue and spend more time in the pools. Price for children is NOK 1.350,- and 1.450,- for adults – stay as long as you want, every Saturday and Sunday within the year of 2020. Check out the link in the heading for further information.

There is a Chess club called Arendal Sjakkselskab, with a youth group that meets every Tuesdays from 17:30 to 18:30 at “Kirkens Bymisjonskafè” in the middle of “Torget” in Arendal.  Kim Deinboll, leading and teaching the players on Tuesdays. No worries if your English is better than your Norwegian, most of the terminology are similar either you speak Norwegian or English. Kim is eager to build a welcoming atmosphere and sometimes have coffee and waffles ready to enjoy for all who want to come along. The chess club have players in all ages.

Science Center / Vitensenteret
If you are interested in science, check out the Science Centre. The Science Centre is a fun and exciting place where children and adults can play, learn and explore together.

Arendal og Omegn Hundeklubb
This is a club for activities with dogs. In Norwegian it is called Arendal og Omeng Hundeklubb. The club's members are active in both training and competition in all four dog sports.
They offer trainings, courses and events all year round.