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The town of Arendal was established as a municipality on 1st. of January 1838. Shipping, shipbuilding and timber trade as well as mining and ironworks were important branches of industry in the Arendal region for many centuries. Today, the town has small boat manufacturing, mechanical industry, electronics industry, as well as one of the world's largest silicon carbide refining plants.

There is a hospital in the city. Arendal is a well-known host of both the music festival called Canal Street and the political 5 days-event called Arendalsuka. 
The population of Arendal is estimated to be 45.000 inhabitants per 2019. The municipality of Arendal is the second largest in the region called Agder. 


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Arendal International school:

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Public offices

The police station
Arendal og Froland politistasjon, Åsbieveien 39, 4848 Arendal
Monday - Friday 09.00-14:30 (Thursday 16.30)

Skatteetaten (the tax office)
Sam Eydes plass 2, 4836 ARENDAL
Telephone: 370 13 000

NAV (The Norwegian labour and welfare administration)
NAV Arendal, Nedre Tyholms vei 13, 4836 Arendal
Monday - Friday 12am (12:00) to 2pm (15:00)