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The Kristiansand region has exciting and varied trade and industry that provides many opportunities and interesting work assignments.

The Kristiansand region has a long and proud industrial tradition, strong centres of expertise, trade and industry clusters and businesses have developed world-class, high-tech solutions and built up an expertise that few can match.   Every smartphone contains silicon from the region, 1/3 of the world’s wind turbine blades consist of fibreglass from Birkenes, and 80% of the world’s LCD screens contain super clean aluminium from Vennesla. New technology is developed at the University of Agder and CAIR, Center for Artificial Intelligence Research Centre. 

The Kristiansand region is amongst the national leaders within renewable energy, and the headquarters of the country’s third largest energy company is located in Kristiansand.  Large, natural hydroelectric power resources and a pioneering solar power industry provides momentum for innovation and sustainable economic growth for the future.

The region is in a unique position with its strategic location in relation to Europe, its tradition of international trade and is the country’s largest of exporter of processed raw materials.  

Short distances and a close collaboration between the university, trade and industry, public sector activities and cultural life provide the region with exciting opportunities.   It strengthens a vital entrepreneurial environment, innovation and competence development, among other things, green technology, ICT, culture and welfare.

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