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The Kristiansand region boasts a wide range of sectors including technological expertise with an international approach. Strong cooperation within and between businesses and sectors have created a high level of competence. Many of the region's companies have a unique position in their market, and export world class sustainable products globally.

Kristiansand is the business and cultural capital of Southern Norway. The Kristiansand region is the fastest growing region in Norway today, and boasts a wide range of different sectors and industries, including, but not limited to, process industry, oil and gas technology, renewable energy, ICT, cross media, and travel and tourism. As a technological and educational hub, as well as a strong national player on renewable energy technology, the region ican offer many interesting career opportunities and is in constant demand for bright and inspiring people from all walks of life.

Historically, Kristiansand has been one of Norway’s leading international shipping ports. It still retains this status today, along with a new status as the number one export region in the country. Always the global hub of the south, Kristiansand is growing increasingly multicultural, with more than 160 nationalities represented within the city of Kristiansand alone. A strong bond between the industries and with the community helps ensure that the growth of the region is sustainable and positive, both for the economic and social aspects of the region.